Capabilities for Distributors to Maximize Revenue

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Feb 5, 2024
Capabilities for Distributors to Maximize Revenue

As we emerge from a global pandemic and face ongoing economic uncertainties, business leaders, especially in distribution and manufacturing, are intensifying their quest for growth. 2024 is expected to see an increase in budgets devoted to driving this growth​​.

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Must-Have Capabilities for Revenue Growth:

Understand Innovations and Resources Available:

As technology and B2B sales evolve, Sales Leaders and Teams need to stay updated in the innovative ways they can maximize revenue. You can check out our Sales Enablement overview as an exemple.

Investing in Revenue Operations:

A key strategy is to invest in revenue operations. This approach unifies data, processes, technology, and talent across the organization, breaking down silos and forming a cohesive understanding of the customer lifecycle. It’s essential for consistency in customer acquisition, growth, and retention​​. SETVI’s Revenue Operations tool aligns perfectly with this, offering a unique AI-driven approach that understands the nuances of distribution and manufacturing.

Building Self-Serve Routes and Digital Buying Interactions:

The future lies in establishing self-service routes and enhancing digital buying interactions. This reduces friction in the purchasing process and aligns with modern buying behaviors​​. SETVI supports this through its Revenue Enablement platform, which aids distributors in creating a seamless, digital-first buying experience.

Streamlining Technology for Visibility into Buying Groups:

Consolidating technology to gain visibility into buying groups is crucial. Understanding buyer behavior and preferences is key to tailoring marketing and sales efforts​​. SETVI’s Revenue Intelligence tool offers insights into customer behavior, leveraging AI to provide a deep understanding of your accounts and take advantage of whitespace opportunities.

Utilizing Generative AI:

Generative AI is transforming B2B buying and selling processes. It's vital to develop guidelines for its use, such as capturing meeting notes, transcribing files, and drafting content​​. SETVI’s platforms integrate generative AI, ensuring data-driven and efficient processes.


As distributors and manufacturers gear up for 2024, embracing these capabilities will be crucial for maximizing revenue. SETVI stands ready to support this journey with our tailored, industry-specific solutions. Discover how SETVI can drive your business growth by scheduling a demo with our experts

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