Unlock New Revenue
With AI

Leverage AI generated prompts about cross-sell, due to reorder, associated items, and customer churn prevention. Our platform uses proprietary industry-specific AI models to transform your existing data into revenue generating information.

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In sales, we understand numbers to the talking.
Here is what you can expect from our Intelligence Platform:


Avg. revenue uplift per rep

0 hrs

Saved weekly in Product Lookup
& Item Suggestion


Customer Churn Reduction

Identify and Capitalize
Growth Opportunities

Drive Revenue with Machine Learning

SETVI's platform can identify and provide actionable insights so your sales team can capitalize on growth opportunities. Increase sales of individual products or categories, protect existing re-order revenue, and more by having the capability to scale revenue through intelligence.

Industry Specific Growth Insights

Empower your reps by running your data through industry-specific AI modeling so reps can execute and never miss opportunities to increase share of wallet, cross and upsell, prevent churn, and increase re-ordering.

Real Time Product Recommendations

Recommendations With Intelligence

Maximize cross-sell opportunities through our intelligence module. With no added work for your rep, we compare buying behaviors and provide real time insights on what an account should be buying.

Associated Items Opportunities

Our platform offers visual insights directly in quote generation. Your reps can maximize order value and add line items through associated items suggestions.

Protect Existing Revenue

Cyclic Purchase and Reorder

Enable your reps to monitor items that customers should buy frequently and identify new ones that can become repeatable purchases and recurring revenue.

Reminders and Alerts

Monitor existing revenue, buying dates, and frequency with the assurance that in-tool reminders will alert reps in case of any change.

Churn Prevention & Management

Easily Understand Account Health

Track, forecast, and Identify any revenue change, profit margin drop, AR delays, and shipping shortages so your reps can act swiftly on any risk of customer churn.

Visual Health Indicator and Alerts

Our intelligence module generates simple and visual Account Health Indicators. With a visual red light analogy, reps can swiftly identify and act on account health concerns and opportunities.

Streamline Workflow With
Seamless Integrations

Leading ERP, PIM & CRM Platforms

Success cases from our customers

SETVI helped us to consolidate sales and marketing across twenty-two territories with hundreds of reps, each selling dozens of Middle by brands.

We needed a platform that's simple, intuitive, and enables reps to cross-sell all our offerings. SETVI helped us to do that.

Mark Easterday
Executive Vice President


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