Lighting Fast Quote & Order Generation

Automate quote to cash process, reduce spreadsheets and drive margin compliance.

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In sales, we understand numbers do the talking.
Here is what you can expect when partnering with SETVI:

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Average time to build a quote


Increase of Cross-sell items


Quicker ramp-up for new reps

Simple, Fast and Error Free Quotes

Faster & Tailor Made Quotes

Integrate product data, price lists, inventory, and ship times directly from ERPs into quotes. Provide reps with data that considers buying behavior and growth opportunities to generate pertinent customer interactions.

Guided Selling For Faster Sales

Create a new quote, copy from a global buying list, or created cart. When items or quantities are modified based on account-specific conditions, or when prices change, the quote adjusts automatically, enabling representatives to instantly and accurately respond to buyer needs.

Upsell, Cross-Sell & Bundle Using Quotes

Maximize Selling Opportunities

Use machine learning to set product rules to define what items are compatible for upselling, cross-selling, and bundling for each customer. Automated product add-on prompts make increasing order value easy, with alerts for reordering and associated items.

Increase Average Order Value

Offer insight into potential upsell, cross-sell, and bundling opportunities for your representatives. This guided selling approach uses machine learning and considers purchase history, pricing, and availability factors to help sales reps efficiently and effectively increase average order value.

Margin Protection & Sales Excellence

Protect and Maximize Margins

Ensure that every quote aligns with your business's financial goals. SETVI Quote gives you the ability to personalize pricing rules and workflow approval automation or need of approval status.

Replace Spreadsheets & Effortlessly Keep Track of Quotes

Replace spreadsheets and email searches with a consolidated system that manages and tracks pricing rules and quotes, manager approvals, and customer responses from one intuitive interface.

Private Label, Vendor and Brand Enablement

Promote Vendor, Private Label Products and Brands

SETVI understands your product, brand, white label, and vendor prioritization strategy. Our platform can actively suggest options for higher conversions and margins for each quote being created.

Intelligence-Driven Margin Increase

Our AI model understands who the quote is being created for and takes into account order history and buying behavior - while also considering your margin and financial goals. This combined view enables our platform to suggest the most likely to-be-bought items to bundle, cross, and up-sell without disrespecting pricing rules.  

Substitute Item and Order History

Back Order and Substitute Item Intelligence

Empower your sales reps with auto-generated order reports that provide real-time data to proactively anticipate and address back-order by offering customer-specific substitute item alternatives.

Order History Access

Provide sales reps with immediate access to past and present order details. This functionality enables quick product pricing and order information for quoting.

AI Powered Search That Drives Product Discovery

An Invisible Engine That Drives Product Discovery

Representatives are fueled with AI-powered, real-time search results when preparing customer quotes. By tapping into multiple data sources, SETVI provides content, product catalogs, categories, titles (and more) from hundreds of brands and thousands of SKUs.

Tailored Search for Exact, Contextual Search Results

Contextual search results are tailored to individual buyers based on purchase history, undersold products, pricing, inventory availability, and other values that enable sales representatives to suggest suitable alternatives or add-ons within the quoting process.

Quote Anytime, Anywhere

Quote & Close 24/7,Online Or Offline

Selling never stops when the most up-to-date, approved product data, pricing, inventory levels, and ship times are always at hand, whether at home, at the office, on the road, and on or offline. Produce accurate quotes online or in-person dynamically from any laptop, desktop, web browser, or iOS iPad.

Dependable Access, Anywhere

Access essential product, pricing, and historical quote information without mobile service or a Wi-Fi connection. Local access to quoting functionality delivers speed and performance with or without internet.

Streamline Workflow With
Seamless Integrations

Leading ERP, PIM & CRM Platforms

What our customers are saying

SETVI helped us to consolidate sales and marketing across twenty-two territories with hundreds of reps, each selling dozens of Middleby brands.

We needed a platform that's simple, intuitive, and enables reps to cross-sell all our offerings. SETVI helped us to do that.

Mark Easterday
Executive Vice President


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