Revenue Enablement
powered by AI

Drive Revenue with Machine Learning capable of identifying growth opportunities throughout your sales cycle.

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In sales, we understand numbers to the talking.
Here is what you can expect from our Revenue Enablement Platform:


Avg. revenue uplift per rep


Avg. Pipeline growth


Growth of promotion engagement

Identify and Capitalize
Growth Opportunities

Drive Revenue with Machine Learning

SETVI's platform can connect to your ERP and CRM to identify opportunities and provide guided selling so your sales team can capitalize on growth opportunities. Increase sales of individual products or categories, protect existing re-order revenue, and more by being able to scale revenue through intelligence.

Industry Specific Growth Insights

Empower your reps by running your data through industry-specific AI modeling so reps can execute and never miss opportunities to increase share of wallet, cross and upsell, prevent churn, and increase re-ordering.

Always accurate product, inventory & Pricing information

Central Source Of Up-To-Date Information

Reps can immediately react to inquiries from buyers and in real-time. Salespeople can search, access, present, and share info on hundreds of brands and thousands of SKUs to increase order value and are always equipped to deliver accurate and compelling sales pitches.

Seamless Integration and Automation

Product data, price lists, inventory levels, and promotional materials are directly imported from ERP, PIM, or other systems. Product pitches, pricing, and availability are always 100% trustworthy, leading to a seamless buyer journey.

Tailored Solutions For Each Customer

Easily Build Customer Solutions

Merge sales materials from different brands and product lines for each target buyer segment and account. Personalize offers to their individual needs with relevant, customized collateral that reps use to close more deals with new or existing customers across multiple industries.

Accurate and Real Time Information

By being fully integrated with your database, our platform provides accurate, real-time inventory and pricing information so your reps can be assertive and fast when answering customer's demands.

Strategic Vendor and Private Label Prioritization

Push Strategy to Your Sales Team Seamlessly

SETVI understands your product, brand, white label, and vendor prioritization strategy. With this understanding, our platform can actively suggest options for higher conversions and higher margins for each rep.

Maximize Supplier Relationships

With visualization of product and brand performance, you can equip your supplier team with powerful data to improve supplier relationships and performance.

Maximize Incentives Impact 

Move the needle in Promotion & SPIFF Management

Bring clarity and understanding to your sales reps goals while tracking their engagement and knowledge of promotion material. With built-in AI suggestions that consider incentives goals, your reps can prioritize SKUs to reach targets faster and consistently.

Easily Track and Improve Promotions

With intelligence-based performance insights on product and brand performance, you are able to replicate successful promotions and rep behavior - while providing suppliers with impactful real-world data.

Launch Sales Campaigns and Track ROI

Easily Launch and Track Campaigns

Push campaigns seamlessly to all your sales reps and track individual performance by monitoring rep engagement in required reading materials. Maximize your campaigns with SETVI's proven 10x open rate vs the industry average.

Transform Content Chaos Into Content Discovery

Publish and refresh new content easily to keep the sales team engaged with new collateral and visibility into what materials top-performing colleagues use most often.

Elevate Team Performance

Surpass Sales Targets With Team Analytics

Track individual sales representative usage to identify the content, habits, and methods used by deal-winning performers. Establish best practices to repeat successful executions.

Gamify Motivation With Leaderboards

Foster healthy competition and motivate your sales team with leaderboards that track individual and team performance against campaign goals. 

Streamline Workflow With
Seamless Integrations

Leading ERP, PIM & CRM Platforms

Success cases from our customers

SETVI helped us to consolidate sales and marketing across twenty-two territories with hundreds of reps, each selling dozens of Middle by brands.

We needed a platform that's simple, intuitive, and enables reps to cross-sell all our offerings. SETVI helped us to do that.

Mark Easterday
Executive Vice President


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What does Powered by AI mean?
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Is my data secure with SETVI ? What do you implement to guarantee?
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