AI Powered Revenue Acceleration Platform

The Revenue Enablement platform built for Distributors and Manufacturers.

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A Sales Representative using SETVI Revenue Enablement App and seeing all the benefits
Trusted by leading companies in Distribution and Manufacturing

End to End Revenue Enablement Powered by AI

Revolutionize your sales process and generate revenue with SETVI’s software solutions

Revenue Enablement

SETVI brings together sales, products, solutions, promotions, and vendor enablement. With industry specific AI Modeling, we reveal opportunities for growth, increase revenue and easily recommend e-commerce products.

Achieve optimal conditions for sales success with up-to-date product data, inventory, and pricing – empowering your sales team to deliver more every day.

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Revenue Operations

Streamline and automate your quote and ordering processes with AI-powered search and product discovery tools.

Reduce spreadsheets and deliver accurate quotes with live pricing and inventory information. Provide sales reps with guided upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Increase profit margins by building guardrails around pricing and and protect gross profits with approval workflow.

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Revenue Intelligence

Our AI tools unleash potential sales opportunities by identifying cross-sell opportunities, due-to-reorder activity, as well as associated and recommended items to generate more revenue.

Our Intelligence module transforms your existing data through industry-specific AI models that affect every part of your sales cycle, whether to amplify existing revenue streams or generate new ones.

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In sales, we understand numbers do the talking.
Here is what you can expect when partnering with SETVI:


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Driving Revenue and Operational Excellence on any team

How we empower revenue-focused teams across your business

Sales Teams

With SETVI's Revenue platform, uncover growth opportunities and increase sales of categories and individual products.

Empower reps with up-to-date product, pricing, and inventory data, ensuring they are always equipped to deliver accurate and compelling sales pitches. Capitalize on strategic vendor relationships, white label prioritization, and effective promotion and campaign management expertise to drive sales at every customer touch point.

Marketing Teams

Empower your marketing teams to increase efficiency and enable sales conversions with centralized and organized product and sales data.

Drive sales initiatives and priorities by delivering impactful marketing campaigns to the right sales reps and customers. Marketing managers can leverage built-in analytics from the actionable insights dashboard to target customers and markets for growth.

Sales Leaders

Sales leaders use SETVI to reach strategic goals and drive sales excellence. With data-driven sales coaching, you can accelerate learning and make onboarding more effective.

Key reports and insights of day-to-day performance from automated dashboards enable agility and faster implementation. Visual and interactive displays  give you the tools you need to influence and track the performance of products, rebate targets, white label campaigns, and overall account health.

Explore these success stories to learn how we put our expertise to work for you:






What our customers are saying

SETVI helped us to consolidate sales and marketing across twenty-two territories with hundreds of reps, each selling dozens of Middleby brands.

We needed a platform that's simple, intuitive, and enables reps to cross-sell all our offerings. SETVI helped us to do that.

Mark Easterday
Executive Vice President
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