SETVI Platform creates a more efficient sales process, which enables you to close more deals and increase sales revenue.

More Sales. More Revenue.


SETVI enables marketing and sales leaders to distribute, manage, update, and control marketing and sales materials instantly, from one central, cloud-based system. You can make new or updated content available for instant access by your sales force.

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SETVI enables sales representatives to create unique presentations on-the-go and on-the-fly by combining PowerPoint decks, Keynote decks, PDF documents, video, images, live websites, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, dynamic spreadsheets, 3D graphics, HTML5, and more.

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SETVI enables sales representatives to share web-based presentations. Your customers and prospects do not need to install software and may view shared presentations on any device. You are notified when recipients view shared content.

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SETVI provides sales and marketing leaders with robust analytics on the usage and performance of individual sales representatives, marketing and sales collateral, and shared presentations. Analyze which materials are working and which materials are not. Identify who’s working hard and who’s hardly working.  

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Increase Productivity. Close More Deals.

SETVI Benefits Your Entire Organization.

Sales Leadership

Define a customized sales process that allows you to monitor sales rep activities, sales rep performance, and customer engagement level. More accurately forecast sales revenue. Identify problem areas and reach out to underperforming reps sooner rather later.
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Sales Representatives

Access the latest sales materials on your mobile tablet device. Build tailored presentations on-the-go and make changes on-the-fly. Share your presentations with customers without clunky and frustrating email attachments. Get notified when your presentations are viewed.
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Marketing Management

Distribute, update, delete, and control your marketing and sales materials easily and in real time. Understand which materials are being used by sales representatives and which materials are not. Analyze how customers and prospects engage with your materials.
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