Share & Track

Share your materials and Track the engagement level.

1. Share

Sharing your SETVI Presentations with your customers and prospects is easy. Instead of using a desktop or laptop computer to attach multiple large files to an email message, SETVI enables you to send marketing and sales materials on-the-go, just before a sales call, or immediately after a pitch meeting. Type a thank you message, ask for the sale, or provide answers to outstanding questions.

The SETVI platform utilizes Web Presentations instead of traditional email attachments. First, your prospects and customers view your presentation as you presented it. Your slides, PDF files, spreadsheets, videos, and more are displayed seamlessly. Second, your emails no longer fail to be delivered because they are too large. Your messages no longer end up in the spam folder or in the trash folder before being viewed by your customers and prospects. Third, your customers and prospects can view your presentations from any modern device, without installing software.

2. Track

When you share a SETVI Presentation with a customer or prospect, you will know when your email message is opened, when your SETVI Presentation is viewed, and how much time is spent viewing your SETVI Presentation. Optionally, you will receive real-time push notifications when a customer or prospect opens your email or views your SETVI Presentation.

You will no longer need to wonder whether or not your message was received. You will know when it is time to follow up. You will have real insight into the engagement level of your customer or prospect, including how many times your SETVI Presentation has been viewed and when. When you send a traditional email with file attachments, you lose out on the powerful information that will enable you to close more deals and increase your sales revenue. SETVI enables you to sell more intelligently.

3. Update

If you update an already-shared SETVI Presentation, your changes are reflected in the Web Presentation that is viewed by your customers and prospects.

SETVI enables you to maintain control of your sales pitch and to adapt to the natural progression of the conversation. If your prospect asks you about a competitor, you will easily update your SETVI Presentation to include the latest competitive analysis from the marketing team. If prices change or need adjustment, you can make the change without creating multiple copies of the relevant file. SETVI gives you the ability to maintain your prospect’s attention by reacting and responding quickly.

Your SETVI Presentations can be viewed


SETVI Web Presentations

– Can be opened on any modern device

– Can be opened in any modern web browser

– No download required

– Smaller email message size

– Materials displayed as they were presented

– Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos

– Track views

– Update materials in already-shared SETVI Presentations

– Easy forwarding of materials

Email With Attachments

– Some attachments may not open

– May require software to be opened

– Attachments must be downloaded

– Larger email message size

– Individual files must be opened one by one

– Video links open in a new web browser window

– CANNOT track views

– Must resend updated materials

– Forwarded emails contain clunky attachments

View A SETVI Presentation Anywhere.