Sales Analytics

Engagement Level, Performance Level, Sales Forecasting

1. Track Engagement Level

Are your marketing and sales materials being used by sales representatives? SETVI delivers analytics on the popularity, or lack thereof, of the resources you upload to the platform. You will know how often sales reps view materials, how often sales reps use individual materials in SETVI Presentations, and how often sales reps share individual materials with customers and prospects.

Furthermore, you will know how many times customers and prospects have engaged with each material. Use this invaluable information to create more useful and more effective marketing and sales documents.

2. Monitor Rep Activities And Performance

You have five new opportunities this week, but what is actually being done to turn opportunities into paying customers? SETVI gives sales leadership insight into the activity level of individual sales reps and the sales force as a whole.

How many SETVI Presentations were created and shared by your reps? Were they viewed by customers and prospects? Did those pitches result in successful sales? How does one rep’s performance compare to another’s? How does one rep’s activity level compare to the average of the entire sales force?

Turn to SETVI for the answer to these critical questions. Detect underperforming reps earlier and pinpoint areas for improvement. Identify rainmakers and, more importantly, understand what they are doing differently to succeed in pitches.

3. Forecast Sales Results More Accurately

SETVI enables you to increase the degree of certainty in your sales forecasting. Every organization has a sales cycle. Predict sales results based on current sales activity level, rather than relying solely on past results or other, less tangible metrics. Building, delivering, and sharing a SETVI Presentation is a real indication that an opportunity is moving down the path to becoming a loyal customer.

Find out what’s REALLY going on.


Insight. Understanding. Improvement.

Better understand your sales force.

Individually: Performance reports are mostly based on results. What is the close rate? What is the average deal size in dollars?

SETVI provides you with analytics that help explain why sales representatives exceeded goals or fell short. You know in real time who is creating and delivering pitches. As a sales leader, you may review a sales rep’s SETVI Presentations yourself to understand the different ways in which sales representatives organize and deliver the message.

With this insight and understanding, sales leaders are in a better position to improve upon the success of individual sales reps. Reach out to a sales rep whose activity level has dropped now, rather than in three months when the money has already been left on the table. Document the processes of the top salespeople to replicate across your organization.

As A Whole: Is the sales force using the approved marketing and sales materials in their pitches? SETVI gives you the answer. SETVI tells you how each PowerPoint deck, Keynote deck, PDF, spreadsheet, video, image, and more is used — how often and in which SETVI Presentations. If materials are being underutilized, you will know. If another material is every sales rep’s favorite, you know that as well.

Better understand your customer.

Which marketing and sales materials do your customers and prospects spend the most time viewing? Perhaps there is a reason for that — one that will help you close more deals and increase sales revenue. Analytics from the SETVI platform will aid you in identifying which messages are most compelling to your customers and prospects. Narrow your view to a specific time period (yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily) to recognize longterm trends or pinpoint the beginning of a new trend.

Use current activities to predict sales results.

Rely on more than what’s reported in your CRM.