Dynamic Presentations

Plan, Build, and Deliver your pitches on your tablet.

1. Plan

Armed with your organization’s latest and greatest sales and marketing materials, sales representatives create unlimited SETVI Presentations. You may create and narrowly tailor a new SETVI Presentation for each sales call or rely heavily on a tried and true SETVI Presentation. Your team members give each SETVI Presentation a unique name, and may organize their SETVI Presentations using “Active” and “Archived” statuses. 

Marketing and sales leaders can create Presentation Templates for the entire sales force. Presentation Templates are used as-built, customized, or incorporated into other SETVI Presentations. Managers provide new sales people with a library of proven pitches. At the same time, managers deliver to experienced reps suggestions and strategies for overcoming common objections and speaking intelligently about new offerings.

2. Build

Building a SETVI Presentation is easy, but the results are powerful. Sales representatives simply tap on the marketing and sales materials that they want to add to their SETVI Presentation. They incorporate many of the most common presentation file formats (PowerPoint, PDF, video, photos, and more) into one, cohesive pitch.

The sales force selects individual PowerPoint or Keynote slides or may opt to add entire decks to their SETVI Presentation. With SETVI, PDF documents, videos, images, spreadsheets, and other files are incorporated between the individual slides of traditional pitch decks. The final product is a seamless presentation that holds the attention of your audience.

3. Deliver

Delivering your message has never been so easy. SETVI gives you the flexibility to comfortably present one-on-one, in an intimate setting, without the inconvenience and disconcerting presence of a laptop or large binder of marketing and sales materials. At the same time, sales representatives connect to projectors or televisions when presenting to larger audiences. 

With SETVI, you no longer need to jump from application to application in order to present different file types. A SETVI Presentation enables you to move smoothly from PowerPoint or Keynote slides to interactive materials and editable spreadsheets. During a SETVI Presentation, you can add new materials or remove irrelevant materials based on customer pain points, objections, and the general flow of the conversation.


During Your Presentation. Seamlessly.

Duplicate, Edit, and Archive

Duplicate your existing SETVI Presentations.

Imagine you have two similar sales calls scheduled for today — one in the morning with Customer A and one in the afternoon with Customer B. You’ve got your pitch just right for the morning meeting. Your SETVI Presentation includes all of the latest, approved materials. You’ve arranged, rearranged, and re-rearranged everything until it’s just right. Instead of wasting your valuable time recreating that presentation for your afternoon meeting, you will use SETVI’s Duplicate feature. Duplicate a SETVI Presentation as many times as you would like. Give each customer or prospect the individual attention it deserves.

Edit your existing SETVI Presentations.

Tailoring your message to each audience can be the difference between closing the deal and leaving money on the table. SETVI Presentations are dynamic. They can be edited on-the-fly. Inserting, removing, and reordering the items in a SETVI Presentation couldn’t be easier. With a few taps, your changes are captured and saved. Inserting and removing items can be done during your sales call. SETVI enables you to react to the situation, while maintaining the flow of the conversation.

Archive a SETVI Presentation for future use.

Staying organized on your tablet is just as important as staying organized with paper and filing cabinets. The SETVI Archive feature enables you to keep important SETVI Presentations available for future use. There’s no need to delete every SETVI Presentation, but you also don’t have to deal with digital clutter.

Present One-On-One Or To A Larger Audience.

Connect to standard projectors or televisions.


Include YouTube videos in your SETVI Presentations.


Include Vimeo videos in your SETVI Presentations.

Live Websites

Include live web pages in your SETVI Presentations.

Support For The Most Common File Formats