Sales Representative Benefits

Access, Build, Share, Track

Sell more. Sell better.

SETVI empowers sales representatives to reach more prospects and more effectively deliver sales pitches. Improve your personal results by delivering more pitches and by making those pitches more compelling.

Eliminate the time you spend searching for and creating usable sales materials. Significantly reduce the amount of time you spend building and sharing sales presentations. Focus on closing deals instead.


•   All of the latest collateral from the marketing team

•   Materials organized and named logically

•   Quickly preview and become familiar with new resources

•   Materials available offline so you can sell in any environment


•   Create a presentation in a matter of seconds or minutes

•   Combine multiple file and media formats as desired

•   Make changes in real time while out in the field or traveling

•   Build each presentation with a different audience in mind


•   Send a presentation before, during, or immediately after a sales call

•   Follow up with materials organized in a meaningful way

•   Stop relying on other departments to share with the customer

•   Retain control of your sales pitch and make changes


•   Know whether or not your prospect is truly interested

•   Know when it’s a good time to follow up or ask for the sale

•   Identify which objections are unresolved

•   Fine tune your sales pitch based on engagement level

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