Sales Leadership Benefits

Visibility, Oversight, Control, Predictability

Define your sales process.

If you are a sales leader who is serious about improving sales results, SETVI will enable you to define and refine sales strategies that focus on closing more deals and pursuing the best opportunities.

When you understand how your sales team is pitching, you will be empowered to provide meaningful constructive criticism in problem areas and positive reinforcement of best practices.


•   Awareness of sales activities in real time

•   See how many SETVI Presentations are being created and shared

•   Review the SETVI Presentations of your sales team

•   Know which customers or prospects are being pitched


•   Monitor the overall performance of the sales force

•   Monitor the individual performance of each sales rep

•   Compare individual performance to organization average

•   Compare the performances of two sales reps


•   Set attainable sales activity goals and expectations

•   Arm your team with sales materials wherever they are

•   Limit messaging to approved sales materials

•   Create approved Presentation Templates


•   Forecast sales results using current sales activities

•   Rely on more than CRM reporting and past sales results

•   Use recorded activities to understand past sales results

•   Calculate how much money was left on the table

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