Marketing Management Benefits

Distribute, Manage, Refine, Update

Understand your audience.

Do you really understand which marketing materials are effective and which are not? Are sales reps really using your materials — even if they are effective? Do you rely on email feedback, surveys, and focus groups to find out the answers to these questions?

With SETVI, you have an end-to-end process for creating and promoting great marketing and sales collateral that is actually utilized by the sales team and seen by customers and prospects.


•   Securely upload and distribute the latest materials to iPad devices

•   Support for many of the most common file formats

•   Organize materials into logical resource categories

•   Organize materials into Presentation Templates


•   Grant and revoke access to materials instantly

•   Set “active” and “inactive” dates and times for resources

•   Avoid accidental deletion and renaming of collateral

•   View logs of all actions taken by administrators


•   Identify and remove underperforming materials

•   Rename and reorganize sales collateral

•   Conduct A/B split testing on use and engagement

•   Compare sales rep popularity with customer engagement


•   Make changes to resources that are reflected on iPads

•   Send push notifications and push messages about materials

•   Delete expired or out-of-date materials

•   Promote compliance and accuracy in sales pitches

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